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In this very lovely anthology…

People’s Friend online:

Last week’s People’s Friend:

In  Grindstone’s latest (2018) anthology:

Falling in love…

When bits of your body start talking to you…

I’m really glad this story found a home. It’s one of my faves, and I like its hidden layers…

The Monkey Collective’s third collection is here and I’m happy to say I’m in it again after being placed in the competition:

Scottish Book Trust’s latest story prompt and bid to get Scotland writing is here! Writers who were in last year’s collection were asked to write a piece to get the campaign going. here’s my contribution:

The second volume of Life Plus 2 Metres 2 has just been published and I’m very happy to be in it:

The Monkey Collective’s Anthology ‘The Monkey Collection Volume 2’ has just been published in paperback form:

My story ‘Forgetment’, written ages ago, is in here. As it’s an earlier piece there are probably bits I’d change now, however I’m very fond of the story just as it is. It was picked to be in this anthology as it is, which I’m really happy about.

Here’s the download link to the Scottish Book Trust’s 2017 anthology, ‘Nourish’. (see below)


Very happy to say that like last year, I’ve been chosen to be in the Scottish Book Trust’s free e book – to be downloadable during book week, Scotland, Nov 27th – Dec 2nd. Shame it’s not a paperback this year but apparently there are budget issues…. I’m happy for the trees though.


Life Plus 2m 2

Proud to be part of this project to get people thinking about what life could be like… if sea levels rise. Worrying but necessary…


In Michael Terrence Publishing’s ‘Tail of a Mouse’

In Ephemera Magazine

November 2016 – As part of a book to be distributed throughout Scotland:

There’s a big random gap below this next link that I can’t seem to get rid of so please do read on…

October 2016

Tides will tear us apart

Sept 2016  – My story Leucothea has been published in this lovely anthology, Journeys Beyond.

Aug 2015 – The Just Write/Writing magazine collection of stories featuring all of us who were shortlisted and me as the winner.

2015 – I’ve had two pieces chosen for the ‘Alternatives Annual’. Link below:

2015 – I was also picked to be in ‘Mountains, Oblique Angles’, available from the same on-line shop.

I appeared in ‘Words With Jam’ in December 2015:


I’m soon to appear in one of the Writing Maps (Feb 2016)


Earlier publishing success:

‘Expatriate Lifestyle’ (Malaysia) Article Jan 2005

‘With Marriage in Mind’ – article in 2002

An early story of mine appeared in Take a Break’s Fiction Feast, in February 2008

I had an article published in Tractor and Machinery in February 2008