About Emma J Myatt

I’m a writer living in the NE of Scotland. I write short stories, flash fiction and to date, three novels (just for practise, they won’t be released!). I’ve won a few competitions and been published in a few places, and I’ve been shortlisted too… My stories have been described as easily readable, but with serious themes, and often bonkers plotting. I’m finding my own unique voice as a writer and it becomes clearer every day. All I’ve ever wanted to do is be a writer, but it’s only last year, at the age of 43, that I began to try, properly, instead of just dreaming. I think before that I just didn’t have the confidence to get out there. I’ve got a very thick skin and a lot of writing waiting in the wings… what you might see on here is the tip of a huge idea-berg and most of my longer stuff remains unpublished or is out being read in short story competitions.

I’m a mum of two young children and have a partner who is very supportive (he’s not a big reader of my stuff which I don’t mind but he is supportive of me being here writing). I am a secondary school English teacher and I give English tuition to anyone who needs it. I drive taxis part time which is one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve had. In between being a keen cook and making ignoring housework a new hobby, I write. I manage a few hours a day during a good week and one day I’d LOVE to spend a week or so on a writers’ retreat. Having said that, the busier I am, the more I write. I like working under pressure (hence my attendance on sites such as ‘Hour of Writes’ and ‘Write-Invite’) and it never ceases to amaze me what pops out of my head when I sit down to a blank screen.

I’ve travelled a lot, had a variety of different jobs and lived in 19 different houses so I’ve lots of life experience to draw on, but I’ve also always had an incredibly overactive imagination. And I mean overactive; it simply never stops. I’ve kept journals since I was 14, although as I write more in the daytime I no longer feel the need to write every night as I once did.

I am a member of a writer’s group called Mearns Writers, a lovely bunch of (slightly bonkers and thoroughly interesting) people indeed. I’m trying to build an on line life as I believe most writers nowadays need to have a readily availble ‘CV’ in the form of a blog/twitter account/social media page and though I would rather spend time writing stories I suppose it’s time I collated my successes and made a page that, hopefully, a publisher/agent will read one day.

Happy reading!