Post Holiday Writing Buzz

I’ve just got back from two fabulous weeks away in France. I was away from computers and notebooks and anyway there was no time to write. I missed it like hell, although I knew if I tried to write and be part of a fab family holiday I’d fail at both, so I pressed hold on writing for two whole weeks. It wasn’t easy!!! But what was good was the flood of ideas that just kept coming. On the last day I tried to jot them all down and caught most of them before they flew away…

Now I’m back at my lovely battered desk, the house has been tamed as much as I need it to be (I’m ignoring the rest, and the HUGE pile of washing that is lurking by the machine) and I have a whole afternoon.

So, if ideas aren’t forthcoming, try putting aside keyboards, pens and paper for a while, and wait and see what comes…


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I'm a writer living in the NE of Scotland. I write short stories, flash fiction and to date, three novels as practice ones. I've won a few competitions and been published in a few places, and I've been shortlisted too... My stories have been described as easily readable, but with serious themes. I'm finding my own unique voice as a writer and it becomes clearer every day. I'm a mum of two young children and have a partner who is very supportive. I give English tuition to anyone who needs it and I drive taxis part time. In between being a keen cook and making ignoring housework a new hobby, I write. I manage a few hours a day during a good week and one day I'd LOVE to spend a week or so on a writers' retreat. Having said that, the busier I am, the more I write. I like working under pressure (hence my attendance on sites such as 'Hour of Writes' and 'Write-Invite') and it never ceases to amaze me what pops out of my head when I sit down to a blank screen. I am a member of a writer's group called Mearns Writers, a lovely bunch of (slightly bonkers and thoroughly interesting) people indeed. I'm trying to build an on line life as I believe most writers nowadays need to have a readily availble 'CV' in the form of a blog/twitter account/social media page and though I would rather spend time writing stories I suppose it's time I collated my successes and made a page that, hopefully, a publisher/agent will read one day. Happy reading!

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